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Get FREE SMARTPHONE Swiper/Reader for over 200 cell phone types ...low rates for swipe cards !
(Call us for low rates and options for FREE swipers) We are certified agents/resellers for the complete integration package! NOTE: Data plan with your carrier required.

How to SWIPE Transactions via Internet ??

Here is another substitute for credit card terminals if you wish to get swiped rates and immediate approvals! As long as you have an internet connection and a swiper which easily connects to your laptop via the USB port or "smart" device. you can also have your transactions processed SECURELY in about 6 seconds!

IMPRINTERS are the least expensive insurance you can get to prevent keyed-in charge backs. Bottom line - an imprint of the card almost guarantees that you'll be paid for every transaction.

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Due to ongoing changes in technology, all items may not be available at this time (updated 2/5/16)

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