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Some Client Reviews

Listed below are some unbiased and unsolicited reviews from some of our clients and friends. Let us know how we have helped you these past 15 years!

"I have to say how pleased I have been with the transition of my credit card service to your company. You guys made it as seamless as possible and so far everything seems to be running OK. Thank you for helping with the PCI compliance as well. As you remember this was a hassle with the other merchant service company and cost me money, that I didn't even know about. Again, thanks for your help and look forward to working with you."
Bob S.--Ultra Cleaners, LLC.

"I have had so many credit card companies come in trying to win my business. I don't even waste my time with them anymore. One said he could save me $10/month. I told him there was no money that could replace the superb customer service I receive from Card Solutions Int'l. Your service has been exemplary and I appreciate all that you do!" Wellington Pharmacy

"The Flex Card is essential to our pharmacy's business. The new system can be complicated and hard to understand. I can not thank you enough for all of the time you have put into helping us apply for this special service, work with the networks, and making sure that our systems are working. Thank you for all of the time and dedication you have put into making our pharmacy meet our clients' needs. Thank you for all you do!" 4 Rivers Pharmacy

Response to Card Solutions offering a rate reduction due to increased volume: This is great news! Thank you for thinking of us for a rate reduction. Thanks also for your help last week, as well as your continuing excellent support. Tom...CLIC

FACEBOOK POST:"I spoke with Donna Broder today and she has an awesome credit card processing plan for start up small businesses. I am glad to have met her cause I was going nuts looking online at rates and contracts. The program she guided me to was in MY best interest, NOT hers! Thanks, Donna." D. Schulman

"I am always happy to give a good report when a company that I work with deserves it. I have had a very positive business relationship with Card Solutions Int'l for over ten years. As a web page design and hosting company, we rely exclusively on J.D.Broder and his staff to set up merchant accounts for our new web page clients who need credit card processing accounts. CSI Mid-South always works to make sure that we get the right match with the client's needs, whether it is for standard (retail)card processing or real-time, online processing......."
T. McCormick, Pres. Natural Concepts, Inc.

"Have I told you lately I love you?"Thanks for always being there for us!"
K. Webb, Raveis R.E.

"Thanks, Donna, for checking in. We are building new I.T. applications including credit card stuff, but as far as I know, we are quite happy, as always, with your service. Gosh, it has been five years we have worked together now. We are grateful for your good service and immediate responses to our questions." A. Briggs Passport

"After receiving our first application package for one of our clients, I needed to write and thank you for such a professional and user-friendly package you sent us. As you know, we tried using a few merchant processing companies before you, and you are the first agency that handled our clients the way we wanted them to be handled. Our President (Dan) called me to also praise you. He said that you have made his employees so happy with your professional and thorough approach that he is also going to call you to thank you again. He wanted to assure you that we will continue to be a permanent referral source with Card Solutions Int'l. Now, after three years, we are thrilled to be associated with such a fine organization as yours." Todd, Leap Frog

"Well, you're just absolutely wonderful! I appreciate all your efforts to check out the points mentioned in my previous email, especially since it represented such a small amount of money. But in addition to the refund you got for me, this (info) will be very helpful information for me to understand a little better for our future... Thanks again for your diligent effort to figure out what happened to our invoice, and for getting us the refund." N. Gillespie, sciproj

" Thanks for your help. I'm copying our new Virtual Assistant and the co-owner of our company on your recent findings so they can get a "feel" for your good customer service!" R. Hanson

"I cancelled my account with you ONLY because my stupid web developer wanted me to move over to a gateway which he felt more comfortable with. Well, did we make a big mistake!! I am now high and dry after their colossal crash last week so will you please, please, let me get back on line with you and be your customer again-SOON!" E. Jones (company name withheld by request)

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