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Phone Program (for Electricians, Pressure washers, Plumbers, Dog groomers, Artists, Lawn maintenance, and many others)

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Another small business low cost alternative.

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ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader—Enjoy lower rates with a mobile card reader that encrypts at swipe! Simple--Secure--Affordable <

  • Best and least expensive cell phone swiper program on the market today!
  • •Download the FREE ProPay Application to your mobile phone.
  • .•Plug the ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader into the audio jack of your Smartphone or device.
  • .•Swipe your customer’s card.
  • •Enter the purchase total.
  • •Have the customer sign and enter his or her e-mail address.
  • •Process the transaction and send the customer an e-mail receipt.
  • •Broader Phone support - New!
  • •Tips can now be calculated at the time of payment - New!
  • •New Tax Calculator - New!
  • •Process with peace of mind, knowing the JAK encrypts cardholder data at swipe, ensuring the data is protected (unlike the Square).
  • •Store encrypted transactions safely on the phone for later processing if coverage is not available.
  • •Put cardholder data “on file” with ProPay’s ProtectPay® for future billing.
  • •Safely access and bill customers’ cards stored with ProPay.
  • •Use the provided connectors to secure the reader tightly to your Smartphone so it doesn’t spin, wiggle, or damage your audio jack.
  • •Get a MASTERCARD debit card where your transactions will also be loaded with your balances of your transactions. Use it anywhere!
  • •The ProPay Application is FREE.
  • •Enjoy lower transaction swipe rates on real-time card present transactions (where qualified).
  • •No fees to integrate ProPay JAK Mobile Card Reader with your existing ProPay Account.
  • •No fee to access your online reports.
  • •No PCI-DSS Fee.
  • •No monthly account fees or monthly minimums.
  • •One time price of $10.00 (Limited Time Only) for the ProPay JAK device. (a smal mailing fee MAY be added)

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