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Sample Agreement

PLEASE SPECIFY FREE TERMINAL MODEL: Terminal:______________ SN:___________________

This agreement allows the merchant to use a terminal free of charge as long as merchant is processing through Card Solutions Int'l’s acquiring bank affiliations. Merchant agrees to pay all processing rates and fees including the annual fee ($75), statement fee ($10), monthly minimum ($20), as stated on the merchant agreement and agrees to a three (3) year processing agreement as specified in the Terms of Default. Upon termination of the merchant account, merchant agrees that the equipment must be returned to Card Solutions Int'l. If the equipment is not returned within 30 days of termination, merchant agrees to pay the equipment retail value of $XXX.00 for terminal(s). Furthermore, if the terminal is returned in a damaged condition as a result of misuse, neglect, or mishandling, merchant agrees to pay the above fees to replace the damaged equipment. Card Solutions Int'l reserves the right to substitute different terminals than those listed due to availability and technological capability. In the event that the terminal ceases to function, every effort will be made to get the terminal operational or it will be replaced with another terminal. Merchant agrees to pay all shipping charges associated with shipping the terminal back to Card Solutions Int'l or the specified Vendor. By signing below, merchant agrees to the conditions in this agreement and authorizes Card Solutions Int'l to ACH debit merchant’s bank account, or charge merchant’s credit or debit card in the event that the equipment is not returned or damaged due to misuse, neglect or mishandling. Merchant agrees to protect equipment from lightening strikes or power surges at all times.

DATE: ___________________
MID#: ________________________
DBA: _________________________
ADDRESS: __________________________________________________
SALES REP: _______________________________________________
MERCHANT SIGNATURE: ________________________________________
DATE: _____________________
PRINT NAME: _____________________________________________________


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